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Feedback and script notes are like the best and worst friend: best for the work and worst for the ego. Many newer writers are terrified by notes - but we offer a constructive and supportive service.

LEVI DAVID ADDAI (Youngers, My Murder, Coming Up): Feedback is brilliant as you can get tunnel vision. You need to finesse it and make it clearer.

JON CROKER (Women in Black II): Embrace feedback and use it to make the film better. A badly phrased observation might have some truth behind it. And even if you profoundly disagree with a suggestion, make sure you can prove to yourself why it is wrong.

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Submission Reports
Most Recent Client Reviews:

...Thank you for your kind response and sending the report. This was extremely detailed and very helpful ...I think this is an amazing service The feedback is excellent and spot-on!...
...Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback. The report is very interesting, and I'm already thinking of how to work in the points for improvement...
...It must be quite a commitment to read through all the scripts, but as an aspiring writer, the feedback and support is invaluable...

Our readers work for major companies in development or as experienced freelance script readers. Our reports are tailored to give you affordable, writer-friendly, constructive feedback about your scripts.

We offer a number of development services, tailored for writers at different stages of the development process. We have nothing but respect and admiration for writers and our aims are always to help guide the work through its natural evolution in a constructive, supportive and sympathetic manner.


Submission Reports
Scripts evolve through a process of investment and development by all parties through to the writing and rewriting process. When a producer or development executive is looking at your work, they are assessing if they can live with it, develop it, make it into something workable over time and invest money in it. Bring out the best in your work and show your work in the best light. Scripts are meant to be read.

Complete the form below to select the kind of report you want, upload your script and pay the fee. Fast turnaround of 10 to 15 working days. Scroll down for the different types of reports ranging in cost from £45 to £125.

Script Reports



Send us a logline, short treatment, character breakdowns, an introduction to the extract and ten pages of your script. These submission materials are needed to enter our forums and the process of writing these elements out provides a brilliant focus to writers looking to develop a project. We are able to then assess the project for you while giving constructive, writer-friendly development notes on how to solidify the work in its next draft. These reports offer valuable suggestions across the different project elements and can increase your confidence in submitting to the forums held at different times of the year. Perfect for first time writers. GBP75


FEATURE & TV SCRIPTS: We offer full script development reports on feature length Film projects, up to 120 pages or TV scripts, up to 65 pages. The emphasis here is to assess various elements within the piece and focus on what can be prioritised for development going into the next draft. These reports are more detailed and concentrate on the script, providing a deeper story and script analysis. up to 109 pages: GBP99 Over 110: GBP125.

SHORT SCRIPTS: With the digital age allowing filmmakers to post their own content more freely than ever before, writers working in or around the form can benefit from script analysis prior to filming. As experimental as some shorts can be, the most successful pieces are aware of the short form, conventions and expectations, even if only to break them. Our reports aim to give pertinent analysis at script level. GBP45.

DRY RUN COVERAGE REPORT: For writers who have a script that they have developed to a level they are comfortable with, this serves as a dry-run before potentially sending it out to production companies, broadcasters or competitions. This report is written in the shorter coverage style employed by production companies. The emphasis here is on viability. Script analysis takes place but consideration is given to the commercial feasibility of the script in its current form. The aim of this report is to prepare the writer for the often tough and clinical assessment given at this stage, by addressing these things here, before the script goes out to decision-makers. GBP99.

FIRST TEN PAGES REPORT: As every film writer knows, the first ten pages are key, in establishing the world of the story, the main character/s and the inciting incident or opening dramatic hook. It is imperative to grip the reader and audience from the start and this short report aims to assess the impact of the extract. This script only no support material. GBP45.