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PYPO Put Your Pretty On


Rocliffe produces the European sketch content for PYPO, a new female-led online comedy platform. Each call has a specific list of topics which we ask writers to send us 1-3 page sketches for. Current deadline is 4 January 2016.

  • BRIEF: 1-2 pages that are disruptive, witty and frank. Match these themes: comfort zone, guilty pleasures, 'why women hate other women', crazy, masturbation, men's issue, reply all, tits, ass. We regret we cannot give feedback on the sketches submitted to PYPO.
  • Watch the PYPO Trailer here
  • DEADLINE: 04 Jan 2016
    If you would like to submit a sketch, please use the below form before the deadline.

    For any PYPO enquiries email us.

    Fill out my online form.

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