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FAQs / Everything you need to know to avail of this unique opportunity!


You may have questions and queries and we hope that these answers along with the Terms and Conditions will address them, but don't hesitate to contact us with any other queries.

01. What are the competition entry dates/fees for 2016's contest, and when will you announce the winners?
For the exact dates - check out our DEADLINES or our Terms and Conditions.

02. Why should I enter?
Not only do the finalists receive a selection of fantastic prizes, including an industry showcase at BAFTA, but unlike other initiatives with thousands of entries, our more personal approach gets the finalist and Forum List entries directly in front of execs, agents and producers at our selection panels and juries. To be selected as a finalist, your entry has to have been read and recommended at least four times. That's a lot of eyes on your work and it's before we even announce the winners! When the finalists are announced, our team of directors, composers, artists, casting directors and actors get to work on creating a fantastic showcase for your work at BAFTA. At the event you receive live feedback from fantastic industry guests and your BAFTA Rocliffe journey begins! As with everything, you have to work to create your own luck but we we refer all requests to you and help you make the most of this opportunity. Check out our homepage for updates on how our previous finalists are doing.

03. What do I get if I win?
The BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forums offer you a fantastic industry showcase, an in depth script report on your full script worth £125, industry introductions, a featured spot on our Forum Lists and a bespoke career planning and profile building session to provide support in navigating the industry. You also become part of the BAFTA Rocliffe Alumni and given access to new talent events and opportunities. Runners up also have their names and script synopses featured on our Forum List which we distribute to the industry.

04. Who reads my script?
We have a team of dedicated readers who write a report for each entry and recommend submissions that best fulfil the competition criteria to our industry panel. We invite knowledgable industry panels and juries based on their expertise in each medium with proven track records. They are all practicing professionals always on the look out for new talent. You can find some of our previous panels on BAFTA's website here. We have become one of the go-to sources of new writing.

05. Is it strictly anonymous?
It really, really is! People question this, but honestly the panelists and jurors prefer it this way. Only Farah Abushwesha knows the identity of each entrant and doesn't reveal the identities until after the winners have been selected.
It's really important that you put your script title on your materials, we then add a unique reference number which is all the panelists and jurors see. Please do not include your name or any identifying features on your script or supporting materials. All entries must feature the project's title. Our panels are only given the supporting material and extract. They have no idea who the writer is and they prefer it that way as they can select purely on the strength of the writing. At no stage is the name revealed until the finalist scripts are selected. If a panellist recognises a script, they quietly inform the invigilator and the script is given to someone else to read.

06. What happens if my name appears anywhere on the script or materials?
We redact it with a sharpie but think about it - it's not ideal to have blocks of black marker scrolled over your script.

07. How do I enter?
  • Click ENTER at top of the home page.
  • APPLICATION FORM & PAYMENT: Fill in the online application form to upload your work and make the required entry fee payment before the competition deadline.
  • RECEIPT EMAIL: Your completed form will be sent to your email address for your records. If you don't receive an email within 60 mins, please email the address stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.
  • All entries must include all the required materials as listed below and in the Terms and Conditions.

  • 08. What happens if I don't receive an email?
    Don't panic. Our system logs everything. Wait 60 minutes and email us. If it is close to the 10:00 deadline, we will honour your entry. We also send follow up emails - so if you haven't received the email application and you have not heard from us - get in touch. The email may have gone astray or you may have incorrectly filled in your email address.

    09. What happens if there is a technical fault with the online system?
    In the rare event of a technical error or issue with the online submissions system due to server issues, we will provide users with an alternative means of submitting entries to us. A message will be posted on the Rocliffe website and on the Rocliffe twitter account to inform users about the issue.

    10. What happens if I decide not to enter having filled in an application?
    We will follow up with writers who have not completed their applications, so we appreciate it if you could send us an email if you have decided to withdraw your entry.

    11. What formats do you accept?
    We prefer entries are uploaded as PDFs, but we can accept Word or Final Draft files.

    12. Do I need to submit any other information along with my script?
    Yes, make sure to send in all the required supporting material for all our script calls.

    13. Do the requirements change for each competition
    No, each competition requires support materials plus a ten page extract. TV calls require episode guides.

  • Short synopsis - 25 words
  • Treatment or outline of the entire film, series or show (300 words max)
  • Character breakdown of featured characters (50 words per character)
  • TV ONLY: 3 to 6 Episode guides/storylines (100 words max)
  • Introduction to extract that sets the scene (100 words max)
  • 10 page extract of the script numbered 1 to 10 (imagine if it fell on the ground!), typed and formatted to industry standards. Please follow standard script format and do not send full scripts. For information on formats, we recommend you look at BBCWritersroom
  • The whole submission (script and support material) should be no more than 13 pages and in following order: Script Title, Short Synopsis, Treatment, Episode Guides (if applicable), Character Breakdown, Introduction, Script Extract. No artwork or casting suggestions please.

  • 14. How do I format my script?
    Scripts must conform to industry standard formats. We suggest you look at the BBCWritersroom website for more information. You don't need to buy expensive formatting software, there are free formats available CELTX being one. Most professional writers use Final Draft. There are other software packages available ranging in price.

    15. Which 10 page extract should I pick?
    Isn't it so hard to know exactly which extract to pick? Some people think we ask for your first ten pages. This isn't the case... and there is no special secret or formula - send us your ten BEST pages! A bit of house-keeping advice, check you have no formatting or spelling mistakes. Ultimately, above all support material, it is the script that will be the winning factor. MORE ADVICE HERE.

    16. How do I write a treatment?
    The treatment is an opportunity for the writer to present plot points details and scope that cannot be presented in the ten page extract, such as characters’ relationships with one another and how these will develop over time. They are notoriously hard to write. Not only do they have to be entertaining and engaging but they also have to reveal the beginning, middle and end of the story or entire series within what can feel like a very tight word limit. The treatment needs to give the panel reading your script an idea of the WHOLE script or series. It should also reference the extract. MORE ADVICE HERE

    17. What do you mean by introduction?
    It is an opportunity for you to illustrate where the extract comes within the body of the script and the story. Used effectively, it can also create the entire atmosphere of the piece - horror, comedy and thriller. It's about contextualising the extract and setting the tone for what we are about to read, even if it's the first 10 pages. MORE ADVICE HERE.

    18. What if it is a short film and it is less that 10 pages?
    That's fine. You can send us up to 10 pages, if it is less that's fine too.

    19. Can I send more than 10 pages?
    No, the selection is for ten pages only. Any more will not be read. Even if it is a short film.

    20. Can I send less than 10 pages?
    Yes that's fine. There is no minimum page count.

    21. Can I submit if I am not a UK citizen or resident?
    Unfortunately this initiative is only open to writers resident in the UK or those with UK citizenship - this applies only to the lead writer.

    22. How can I pay online if I don't have a PayPal account?
    You don't need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal, you can choose CHECK OUT AS A GUEST an use a debit or credit card at the PayPal checkout screen. All payments are securely processed by PayPal, we are not given your card details at any point. If you haven't received an email receipt from PayPal within 15 minutes of your purchase, the payment has almost certainly hasn't gone through. Please check your PayPal account and if payment hasn't been taken, try to pay again. If you can only pay by bank transfer or cheque please send us an email.

    23. Why do you charge an entry fee?
    Because we have to manually print every single script selected for the panel, check that materials are all there and collate it. The fee covers the admin costs and pays our hard working script readers. Much as our team consider themselves photocopier/printer whisperers, let's face it all printers are temperamental when they are printing large volumes.

    24. We are a team of writers, can we submit our project?
    Yes of course, however you must nominate a 'lead' writer to receive all the communication and that writer is responsible for informing their fellow writers. All writers in the project are given equal billing.

    25. So what happens when I submit a script, what is the process?
    Once your script has been submitted, we will log it on our system and send you a confirmation email to let you know we have received it. Our readers read and recommend the scripts with the most potential. At the industry panel, the panellists read all reader recommended entries. If they feel one has potential, another member of the panel reads it. If it gets two yeses it goes through to the Long List. The Longlisted writers will then have 5 days to rewrite their materials in light of feedback. The Long List is then read by the industry Jury who meet and select the 3 winning Finalist scripts and the runners up which form the Forum List. This means each winning entry has been read and recommended at least four times.

    26. Can I amend my submission after I've uploaded it and completed the form?
    Yes, if you have omitted materials or vital information. Please email us, do not fill in an additional application form.

    27. Can I change my mind about which I send you, if the title changes?
    Yes, just drop us an email and will amending our log. Please do not fill in additional application form.

    28. Can I change my details after I have filled in the online application and sent off my submission?
    Yes, just drop us an email and will amending our log. Please do not fill in additional application form.

    29. What if I accidentally put NO I can't attend the event instead of YES on the email application that I get sent or another anomaly.
    Don't worry. We assume that you will be able to attend; it's just a prompt so that people double check before entering. Do not fill in additional application form.

    30. Do I need to have written a full script or just an extract?
    Yes, the extract will need to come from an existing full episode or feature film.

    31. If my script is below 80 pages, or above 120, will I be disqualified?
    No. The length should be dictated by industry standards ie a half hour show should be between 20-28 pages, a TV Drama episode between 50-55 pages and a feature 70-120 pages, although generally with film less is more.

    32. Do I have to write a treatment for a sketch show or comedy series?
    Yes as you need to show how the sketch show will sustain as an entire series. Are there recurring characters or themes. We suggest you look at the formats of show outlines for League of Gentlemen or Little Britain. Give a brief description of how the sketch show would progress over a whole series.

    33. Can I submit an adaptation?
    If it's your own book, play, etc, that you want to adapt, and you own the rights, then adapt away. Also, it's fine if the material is out of copyright, but you need to have acquired the rights. If you are adapting the work of someone else, then you need to show that you have the permission to do so.

    34. Can I submit more than one extract?
    Yes. You can submit as many times as you wish. You will just need to go through the same steps that you did with the first and it requires an additional fee for each entry.

    35. Can a writing team enter?
    It doesn't matter how many writers there are, you can still enter.

    36. What information do you need on the title page?
    Script title pages are not necessary, but all pages of your entry must include the script title and no other identifying features or personal details.

    37. What sort of scripts are you looking for?
    The script can be about anything. It's all about the quality of the writing.

    38. How will I know when you have received my script?
    One week after the deadline, you will receive an email from us. Paypal will also email you a receipt. Once the competition has closed, we will email everyone who has entered with all the announcement dates.

    39. What happens if I option or sell my script off my own back, or through the help of BAFTA Rocliffe initiative, before the end of the competition?
    Great news! We'll help you shout about it and will also assist you with agent representation on the deal should you not have representation.

    40. Will BAFTA or Rocliffe ever have any rights or percentage over my script?
    No. You wrote it, it's yours. We will never have any rights over your work.

    41. Can I enter short scripts into the Film Call?
    Yes, you can.

    42. Do you offer a script reading and analysis service?
    We do. Click HERE for all the info.

    43. Help, my script isn't copyrighted.
    It doesn't need to be. But if you feel more comfortable doing so, you can do it with the Writers Guild. There is a great article on the Writers Guild of Great Britain on copywriting scripts Writers Guild of Great Britain on copywriting scripts.

    44. What credit cards do you accept, and how do I know that it is safe?
    We accept all major credit cards. Our online payment system is through PayPal who handle millions of sites worldwide. We also provide direct payments too.

    45. How will I be informed of competition developments?
    We take great pride in our personal approach to communication. Each stage of the selection process: Long List, Forum List and Winners, we send emails.

    46. What if I haven't heard a dickie-bow from this initiative by email?
    Then don't assume the worst of us. If you haven't received any communication from us then there is an issue with your email address and server. Send an email to scripts@rocliffe.com and we promise that you will receive a response within two working days.

    47. How is the process managed?
    We are here to support writers and respect everyone who enters. It is a competition after all and by that very nature not everyone can win. Writing is a very personal endeavour and we appreciate you entrusting your work to us. That's why every email is read and responded to by a human being and is not a computer generated response! It is worth therefore keeping in mind that any abusive emails will not be tolerated.

    48. Can I attend the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum if I haven't been selected?
    Yes, absolutely! There is a lot to be gained from the experience as well as the fact that is a wonderful networking environment. Let us know if you wish to attend and come up and say hello, we'll even do our best to introduce you to people. It's always great to put a face to an application number.

    49. Do I get a free ticket to the event if I enter?
    No, but if we have spare tickets we will do what we can to get you in for free.

    50. What are the rules?
    Have a look at the Terms and Conditions.

    51. Do previous prizes I have won in other screenwriting competitions count?
    No, the selection process is completely anonymous. None of the panellists will know who you are or your track record - so age, race, gender, experience count for nothing. It's all about the voice! Your voice.

    52. When do I get a status update?
    All writers are informed of their status approx three weeks prior to the event date or sooner by email. We telephone the showcased writers.

    53. When do I get my feedback report?
    All writers are sent their feedback reports in the week leading up to the event date by WeTransfer. You will have one week to download it. If you haven't received it email us but don't assume it wasn't sent. We ALWAYS send back reports.

    54. Can I enter my script into other competitions at the same time?
    You can enter as many competitions as you like. Good luck!